Monday, August 29, 2011

LOVE & Marriage

We clean up nice don't we? Top & pants are both from H&M. Clutch was a gift from my dear friend Stefani. To top it off, MAC lipstick in Russian Red!

This is the one and only image from the wonderful wedding of our two college friends, Jeff & Michelle.  It was taken with my fuji instax, which I brought intending to take way more "artsy" shots that you wouldn't normally see at a wedding.  However, upon arriving, I realized that I just wanted to take a deep breath and be in the moment.  Enjoying the love of friends is a truly magical experience. It really takes no effort at all to be happy at these kinds of gatherings, and seeing so many people from art school was just the icing on the cake. 

I have another wedding to attend in less than a week and that is the wedding of my lovely friends, Daniel Levitch & Amber Clark. This time I'm  in the wedding as her Maid of Honor. It's been a huge responsibility and I don't consider myself the most organized of people, but I've managed to pull it off some how. Phew! So happy I can do this for her. We have been through a lot of ups and downs together, which in turn has made our friendship very strong. I'm so happy I can be there for her. I love you Amber! 

Here's a teaser...THE DRESS!  I know it's in poor taste (not to mention bad luck) to reveal her wedding dress, so I blurred it out in photoshop. I will reveal the untouched photo soon after the wedding. It is beautiful and very Elizabeth Taylor circa "Father of the Bride". 

Mysterious no?

Our friend and fellow bridesmaid, Emylie, took this wonderful picture of us during the bachelorette party.

This has obviously been my "go to" outfit of the summer. Isn't she cute?!  :)

Still tried to be glamorous. Little did everyone know that I was coming down with a cold. I reserved a private Karaoke room later that night at Soop Sok Karaoke! ( If you haven't been, I recommend. I discovered this place after attending my pal, Michele's, epic birthday there. )  I think it was after performing "God Save The Queen", I shot my voice and now cannot speak without it hurting. I sound like a little boy during puberty. It's tragic.

Time for some hot tea with honey and a little R&R.


your friend,


Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Deep Sea Goth

Here is a Cure for this extreme summer heat.  

Illustration by Ava Alamshah, 2011.


The Cure : Love Song by IRONMADMAN

I'd like to imagine him serenading all the jelly fish.  It's time to breath in that clean, ocean air!  xo

your friend,


Sunday, August 21, 2011

Ema and Her Lady Parts

My friend, Ema, is the front woman of one of the best bands in LA today. I was just at Pehrspace checking it out & she is amazing. She plays the banjo, and the accordion, and did I mention she's super cute? Hello girl crush! 

But seriously, wonderful all girl band. Here is a link to the only blog I could find with their recordings. A record is in the works, and I cannot wait to get my hands on it!  It is so inspiring to see talented ladies making lovely sounds. It's time I pick up my bass again. 

Women bassists are bad ass!

Check out those tights!  I believe they have angels. <3

your friend,