Thursday, October 20, 2011

Golden Hour, Golden Day

I had the pleasure of hanging out with my friend, Ema Tunermann, from Ema and Her Lady Parts last Tuesday evening.  We met up around 4pm and managed to catch the "golden hour", which always makes photos look really ethereal, like images from a Terrence Malick film.  I know my shots will never be as epic, but I'm just happy to have had an awesome girl's day.  

Someone's gate in Echo Park
Lately, I've been really into 30s & 40s fashion.  This is my interpretation of a 40s look without being too costume-y.  I mention it in my post called, "Inspiring 40s Fashion".  These are those h&m palazzo pants I scored after a hunt for my size. They didn't have them at the Glendale store, so the next day I drove over to Pasadena. I was on a mission, and sometimes you just have to go that extra mile to get what you want. ;-)
Hello, golden hour flowers & check out the beautiful bougainvillea down below!  I would love to be surrounded by these plants every day.  Before I spotted the bougainvillea, we had a scrumptious late lunch at Masa. If you haven't checked out Masa, I suggest you head on over.  I am no food blogger, but this little place in Echo Park has the most amazing bread pudding that you will gladly put into your hungry mouth. I decided not to take a polaroid of this delicacy, for it would not have done it justice. Too beautiful & much too tasty, made with three different kinds of croissant, drizzled with a bit of chocolate and caramel sauce & a little sprinkling of powdered sugar.  Ema & I shared one because of it's decadence.  I believe it has been the only dessert that has made me giggle with great joy. Anyway, there's your review. Oh, by the way, they are known for their authentic Chicago Pizza!  I've been to Chicago & they aren't kidding.
On into the night, we decided to check out our friend & coworker's band, Arms That Work.  Go Tyler, go!  Is  that a dinosaur riding a bicycle?
There is a similar shot I took for Ema's performance at Pehrspace. Old habits die hard.
Salvation at the Silverlake Lounge.
Gold nail polish for a golden day.  Good night everybody! 

your friend,


Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Life is a Cabaret

Anyone who knows me, knows that I enjoy dressing up.  I take pride in putting together the perfect outfit, so imagine how excited I must feel that Halloween is fast approaching?  This time of year has always been a joy for me.  That chance to be someone else for a night.  Times have been tough this year with having to move back under my mother's roof, to my recent car accident.  I'm definitely on a tight budget, & probably not the only one, considering our country's economic status.   

It's funny that I chose to be Sally Bowles this year because behind her decadent facade, are her struggles to make it & that vulnerability that ever so slightly rises to the surface.  I have to quote my mother here in reference to my father; "..he may be poor, but he looks like a million bucks."  That is something that has been passed down to me, which gives me great pride.  It's all about utilizing what is already around you.  Luckily, being Liza won't be too tough.  I already have the short hair &  have managed to accumulate a sweet collection of unmentionables over the years (blush).  The icing on the cake is this nail polish I bought a while back at Sephora.  When I saw it, I immediately thought Cabaret.  It's almost the exact wild, dark teal blue polish she had in the film.  That same amazing color I have seen in Kenneth Anger's Puce Moment.  If you look closely, the starlet  has her toe nails painted that blue/green.  I'm not sure if they even had colors like that back in the 30s & 40s.  It seems so progressive. By the way, if you haven't seen Cabaret, I suggest you Netflix it immediately.  Liza Minnelli is perfection, not to mention Fosse!

Have a rad & safe Halloween everybody!

your friend,


Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Inspiring 40s Fashion

I would just die for this Miu Miu collection & for Hailee Steinfeld's glorious locks of hair.  I don't think I ever looked that good at 14.  Then again, she's acting in films with Jeff Bridges.  I was riding my bike around the block & crushing on lil goth boys.  By the way, if you click on Mr. Bridges' name, it links to his website.  I recommend a gander, for he is a wonderful artist & so down to earth. Love "the dude". 

This video reminds me a lot of the hauntingly beautiful Kenneth Anger film Puce Moment.  This one was truly shot in the late 40s & then re-edited in the 60s, hence the more modern soundtrack.  Truly ahead of his time, that guy. 

Doesn't she look a bit like Isabella Rossellini?  I think so. 

Expect my own interpretation of the 40s trend very soon.  I was on the hunt for a pair of high waisted polka dotted palazzo pants.  Found some at H&M!  Score! 

I wish everyone a safe and happy month.  I was in a bad car accident a few hours ago.  My car has been totaled, but I still have my life and loves around me.  I couldn't be happier.  Life, love and polka dots! 

Don't dream it, be it...

your friend,