Tuesday, July 30, 2013


My friend, GC Erenberg, is in the middle of moving to her new home. Not too long ago, I was immersed in that very thing. I was living a bit like a gypsy for a month, in between my parent's houses and feeling less than stellar.  During this period, I decided that I wanted to have new experiences, and try things that I wouldn't have tried years ago.  All this to create a more positive state of mind and to move forward. GC is working on a documentary about a healer named Sharelle Roth, and was asking for volunteers to participate. She had asked me once before, and I put it off, and I'm not sure why at first. Most likely because I was pretty skeptical and was worried I wouldn't commit to her project and become a flaky mcflakerson. 

During this transitional time, I finally bit the bullet and thought, "Why not?".

So I sat with a spiritual energy healer, and looking back on it, I really needed her during my transitional state. She helped me put some things into perspective. You can find some of my thoughts about it here. Just scroll down a little and you will see me, looking relaxed. 

And below, a photograph of my pal, GC.  Shot on the same day I was healed (a little spiritual humor). I see the light now....
well, I see a soft light beside her in this photograph, and I like to think it's a spirit watching over her. Maybe Sam, or maybe Kitties. 

Remember GC? I photographed her for my series. I was ecstatic with how they turned out. Dream shoot, for real. 

images ©Ava Alamshah

your friend,


Tuesday, July 16, 2013


It's been a while since I've worked on my portrait site, but today, I felt inspired. It was also a good excuse to avoid doing laundry. Here are the images of Amber, pre Gillian

From her marriage to Daniel, and now the arrival of their newborn, life has been blowing my mind.

I had to share these images of her, taken with my Yashica Mat-124 G. I'm going to get that camera repaired very soon. Marek, at General Camera, told me that my camera is the last model, made in the 80s. That's a 30 year old camera! Vintage.

all images © Ava Alamshah

your friend,


Monday, July 15, 2013

Echo Park Life

L O S   A N G E L E S 

Last Friday, my family came for a visit to see my new place. I was really excited to show them the newly renovated lake. My aunt Violet said that my tiny apartment reminded her of Europe. 
I'll have to ask my landlord, but I believe the building is from the late 30s, so it definitely has that old world charm (with some quirks here and there). My place is coming together very slowly. I'm currently in that nesting process.

I think the photos from my last entry represent the day so clearly. My cousin and I are riding the peace train. I just love that photo so much. Here are some more...

I love this woman. She is a good human being.

The lotus flowers are epic. I was disappointed to see trash floating around near the wetlands. Come on people! The lake has only been open for two weeks! Sigh...

Sweet babies, chilling out in the grass & getting some sweet vitamin D.

Dad is also getting some vitamin D action. Looking suave, as usual.



My cousin likes to make me things. Her art is displayed on my fridge and gives me the greatest joy. Here is something she created a while back. 

your friend,


©Ava Alamshah

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Plant Life/Love

I've really grown to love my plants. Last entry, I posted an image of my succulents. They sit happily along the kitchen window. The photo was taken about two weeks ago when I first settled into my apartment. Click here to see. 

My plants seem to be very happy here and there is proof! This past week, I discovered something amazing while watering one of them. 

Look closely....

This little one seems to have grown overnight! It's stem grows longer and longer each day, reaching towards the sunlight. It wants to burst through my screen! I'm not sure how much longer it can grow, but I am in awe.

Moving has been the best thing for this little dude. x

If only I can keep my basil plant alive. It's looking a little sad.

your friend,


images ©Ava Alamshah 

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Los Angeles, I'm Yours

It is July 4th, and I am typing this entry from Casbah Cafe, in Silverlake. I've always loved the beauty of this place, with it's Moroccan flair. Almost like being there (well, not really....I wouldn't know, but I can only imagine). My friend's independence day bbq was canceled, and I haven't had internet, so I almost went there with a huge watermelon in hand (sort of like that scene in Dirty Dancing!) I wonder if the bbq would have ended up with all of us gyrating our hips? One can dream, right?

It's been an overwhelming couple of months. Sad/new/tragic/wonderful/weird/lonely....I have been feeling somewhat out of place, going through a transitional period. May was a very hard month. It would have been three years together for Jeaux and I if we decided to stick things out. I went through a dog attack (a scar remains just inches below my left eye), and early last month, I moved into my own, little apartment. I've been adjusting alright to living alone for the first time. I've had maybe one or two little crying spells, which is pretty good considering I cry a lot, even when I'm really happy, or during a really good orgasm. Yes, it is true, I like a good cry. I'm happy to take this time to write again, and I am being awfully candid, but I haven't had this outlet in two weeks! 

Some positive things I'd like to share...

This photo of Katie

Katie, I hope you are not mad at me for putting this up, but I think you look stunning! Fun fact about Katie: I met her through my friend, Angie. Stef and Gilda blogged about her...AND through facebook, I found out that she is good friends with Mari Naomi. Cool thing is that I got to meet Mari in person for the very first time after being internet friends since 2010! Her and her husband moved to LA from San Francisco. I shot this photo of Katie at Mari's housewarming. Awesome small world! 

Palm trees at the reopened Echo Park Lake, which I live very close to. About a five minute walk!  Some friends and I had a picnic there a couple of weeks ago. It looks beautiful and I can't wait to take more photos of it.  I want to be there every day. My friend Taylor and I talked about that scene in Chinatown, which I think about every time I visit the lake. 

Some dear friends had babies...

plants in my kitchen window, an Assyrian rug from my aunt Violet, and the first tea at my new home...


Last Friday, we finally went to Ooga Booga together and got to meet DEATH! Look how happy we all are! More on that later, but I couldn't wait to show you. UGH..it was so much fun. Such cutie pies. Those pearly whites. MAGIC. 
Check this out. And this! And THIS!! Also this!!! 

xx So much love xx

That's me holding a signed 7" from their very first band, "ROCKFIRE FUNK EXPRESS"! They were a funk band. 

all images ©Ava Alamshah

Also, this blog is pretty great. And the song of the same name, by The Decemberists. That song came on the radio while driving to my apartment, and guess what? Yep..... I cried. 

your friend,