Monday, July 15, 2013

Echo Park Life

L O S   A N G E L E S 

Last Friday, my family came for a visit to see my new place. I was really excited to show them the newly renovated lake. My aunt Violet said that my tiny apartment reminded her of Europe. 
I'll have to ask my landlord, but I believe the building is from the late 30s, so it definitely has that old world charm (with some quirks here and there). My place is coming together very slowly. I'm currently in that nesting process.

I think the photos from my last entry represent the day so clearly. My cousin and I are riding the peace train. I just love that photo so much. Here are some more...

I love this woman. She is a good human being.

The lotus flowers are epic. I was disappointed to see trash floating around near the wetlands. Come on people! The lake has only been open for two weeks! Sigh...

Sweet babies, chilling out in the grass & getting some sweet vitamin D.

Dad is also getting some vitamin D action. Looking suave, as usual.



My cousin likes to make me things. Her art is displayed on my fridge and gives me the greatest joy. Here is something she created a while back. 

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©Ava Alamshah


  1. those little babies!!! so cute!

    your family is very beautiful - especially like that picture of your dad.

    1. Thank you, lovely.


      My dad will be very happy to hear that! He loves to ham it up for the camera. x


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