Saturday, September 13, 2014


On the occasion of my friend Tim's birthday today, I decided to post these images of him that I took back in July, or was it August? Anyway, they are finally here. His birthday was my motivation. I suppose Facebook is good for something. 

Tim, you are the best! I hope you are enjoying your European tour and that you are eating lots of European chocolate, and meeting beautiful European humans. 

Tim represents Los Angeles dubstep in these portraits. He was playing dub in the club back in 2006/7 (maybe even earlier, but '06 or '07 is when I heard him spinning dub in a San Francisco basement, underneath Chinatown). Didn't know what to make of it then, and still don't, but I can appreciate Tim's genius. Check out Tim's work here.  Did I mention that he composes for Adventure Time? Also, we went to college together and he is the sweetest person. A true gentlemen. Side note: He use to wear rainbow colored clothes and have blue hair. Our youth!

I keep mentioning this to people, but I think he resembles a young James Woods in some of these photographs. All on 35mm film. 

© Ava Alamshah / all rights reserved

your friend,