Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Color Blocking & Job Locking

These past few days have been a whirl wind of job searching for my lovely boyfriend.  Freelance isn't quite paying the bills, so it's time for something steady..with benefits no doubt!  I dream about it every day that something will turn up.  Times have been tough, and not just for us, but for the country.  I'm thankful because it's a fact that things could be worse.   Yesterday, we hit the local mall in stride for his interview with a pretty "hip" clothing chain. I'll give you a starts with U & ends with O & sounds like Schmurban Schmoutfitters. 

I like what a good friend of his said... "Just know that you're cooler than anything in there."

This is so true. 

Tiffany's always has some unique window displays. Who doesn't like diamonds with their ice cream

Killing time at the mall always reminds me of my high school days.  School and the local mall.  That was it, and it was everything.  Oh, youth and the joys of being irresponsible.  

We cruised Neiman Marcus which was delightful.  It is easier to look at clothes that I absolutely know I could never afford, even if I worked every single day without breaks.  No impulse buys!  Just walking around feeling a bit naughty because we were taking pictures in front of their art displays.  A shopgirl asked Jeaux if he was looking for anything in particular, and he answered, "no thanks, just came to see the art."  "Oh.." she replied. 

I absolutely loved the color blocking of the paintings and thought they went well with my outfit.  It was a trip to find out that some of the paintings were created by this woman.  A similar painting is on display and part of Neiman Marcus' permanent collection.  She is also the associate dean for CalArts School of Art.  Our alma mater. 

Pants & top, both H&M. Vintage bag from Mom. The necklace was a steal at Urban a long while ago. I think I only payed 9 bucks.  (Shhh..but it's a secret!) 
Iridescent butterflies hang from the ceiling at Neiman Marcus. This picture does not do it justice. 
Doesn't he look handsome? My Blue Boy

your friend,


Saturday, September 17, 2011

Model Boyfriend

Today my boyfriend discovered that his lil urban outfitters spoof photo is featured in Big Boy Fashion/Chubstr!  What a regular fashion icon.  And check out who shares the page!  Awesome. 

There he is! Top right. Click image to enlarge. 

your friend,


Monday, September 12, 2011

Wedding Bliss

Notice the classy red cups to the right? Filled with the finest champagne
Feeling very Audrey. Dress by Calvin Klein, urban outfitters lace oxfords, Mac russian red lipstick, vintage necklace & bag (the best hand-me-downs from my very stylish mother)

It's really happening!

Amber's brother, Colin (to the right), photo bombing
Kyle was one of the lucky groomsman. He's really tall & makes cool videos for time warner cable
Feeling fancy

There was a lightning storm later in the evening. A truly magical night

Friday, September 9, 2011


Working late has gotten the best of me and again it is time for some R&R.  I initially took this Friday off so I could go see my friend, Clark, play drums at The Roxy. It would have been a good night on the Sunset Strip. Unfortunately, I am still recovering from bronchitis and need to take things easy. Stay tuned for wedding images: Beautiful dresses, loved ones, champagne and much much more! 

Till next time, here is a lovely article I found linked on Refinery29. It's about what it means to feel beautiful in your own skin. This woman is my new hero. 
Copyright 2011 Carolita Johnson

Have a lovely weekend everyone! xo

your friend,


Thursday, September 8, 2011

LOVE & Marriage Part Deux

Here is the un-blurred version of the dress! 

The wedding was beautiful and I couldn't be happier for my friends.  More images to come very soon!  

your friend,


Friday, September 2, 2011

The Roaring Weekend

My friend, Amber's wedding is this Sunday, which means I'm going to be M.I.A until next week! It's been a crazy month. Things are finally starting to settle down and come into place for her.  Right after the bachelorette party, I had the worst cough imaginable.  Bronchitis as it turns out! Luckily I got some meds and should be in tip top shape by the ceremony. Believe me, I was super worried. Being sick has had some advantages.  I was able to finish reading Bukowski's "Women", watched all season one of Boardwalk Empire (um hello Michael Pitt!), and started reading "Century Girl" about the long and glamorous life of Doris Eaton Travis. She was the last living Ziegfeld Folly and was 106 when she passed away in 2010! All these wedding details are making me think of my own future wedding (someday *crossing fingers*).  I hope for a little classic glamour for sure, and thank goodness for the internet because there is just so much eye candy at my fingertips! Can't wait to reveal Amber's dream dress and spill wedding details!  In the mean time, enjoy this car porn by Kenneth Anger. Speaking of eye candy, this is seriously one of my most favorite films I had the pleasure seeing while attending CalArts.  Enjoy.  ;-)

your friend,