Monday, October 29, 2012

Halloween 2012, Part One

H A P P Y   H A L L O W E E N

   The other night, Jeaux and I were invited to a Halloween party by my friend, Sasha, pictured above as Enid!  She also provided these sweet polaroids.  You should check out her blog, The Holy Nail.  This lovely woman knows her nail art and she is such a bad ass.  Looking forward to spending more time with her. 

   I really LOVE Halloween and try to go all out every year.  Last year, I was Sally Bowles.  This year, Jeaux and I were channeling In The Realms of the Unreal.  More on that later!  

  Jeaux and I have something fun coming up on actual Halloween that I cannot wait to tell you all about!  Until then....

your friend,



Friday, October 26, 2012

End of Summer Picnic

 D E B S   P A R K  

  Last Sunday, I was invited to a picnic in the park to celebrate the end of summer, and the beginning of blustery fall.  Bring on the sweater weather, Los Angeles!  I was so happy in my chunky knit cardigan, hanging out with good friends, munching on yummy treats, and getting crafty. 

  This is the second time I got to hang out at Debs Park, located in the hills of Highland Park. I recommend taking a stroll because there is so much to look at.  There are great views to gaze upon our smoggy, LA sunsets.  Pink and purple sky is the best, right?!  There is a lake at Debs that I have not yet seen, but I vow to the next time I am there.  Beautiful place all around.

paper flowers + pumpkins covered in glitter = ! ! !

  Check out Serge's handiwork!  We were all kind of jealous.

* M A G I C   H O U R  *

I really do love shiny things

All images © Ava Alamshah

your friend,


Saturday, October 20, 2012

The Shining

I am obsessed with Shelley Duvall's yellow jacket and moccasins



  This just means that I am excited for Halloween and fall clothing.  I wonder if I can find a southwestern pattern similar to this one?   

  Just FYI, try not to fall asleep while watching The Shining.  You may wake up the same way Wendy Torrance wakes up; to a disturbed child shrieking, "REDRUM!  REDRUM!!"  ***shudder***

  The colors and patterns in this film are visual candy.  Kubrick was a master.


Behind the scene continuity polaroid


your friend,



Tuesday, October 9, 2012

LA County Fair


2 0 1 2
2 0 0 7 
This was my American Apparel phase

  Amber and I went to the fair this September.  The last time we were there together was around 2007.  The county fair has the best classic photo booths, with real chemical processing and rad, fabric curtains.  Before the booths, we bet on some horses at the race track.  I won 4 buckaroos with my favorite horse, "Party with Brando"!  Horses have the best names. 
  This is an aura portrait of me taken in 2005.  I love that it is a real polaroid.  I was really stressed out then, hence the large fire cloud above me. It was the road trip before my college graduation and thesis show.  Looking back, those were some of the best times of my life.

  Down below is my latest aura image I had taken at the fairgrounds.  I got a "psychic" reading (still skeptical), and then they take a photo of you with your aura.  I didn't like the quality of the digital image, but it came with a chart!

  Apparently, I will have many adventures and live a pretty long life.  She also said that I should be pursuing my passion in the arts, particularly photography.  I agree, and that is why I will be working on my website in the near future. Thanks psychic lady!

C H A K R A   K H A N

  Looking forward to the future.  Lots of creative endeavors, good company, yoga, and...  

  !H A L L O W E E N!

  Images from my bay area trip coming up!  

your friend,


Monday, October 1, 2012


  Just got back to LA last night from my beautiful bay area adventures!  Rio snapped this photo of me while getting my very own tin type portrait at Photobooth, San Francisco.   I was so nervous and thought I would have to sit there forever and not breath, but to my surprise, the process is much, much quicker.  

  C L I C K  and that was it!  

  San Francisco was so inspiring, and my stay using air bnb was just the BEST.  Jeaux and I did so much walking.  THE BEST.

  I cannot wait to tell you all about my trip, but until then, Happy Mondays!

your friend,