Wednesday, February 27, 2013

With You, Today

C  O  M  I  N  G      S  O  O  N

Hi friends!  I apologize for my short absence.  I finally caught the bug that's been going around, and I am impressed with how long it has taken for my body to finally give out. Taking vitamin C every morning truly does help!  There is one good thing about this cold... that I've had lots of free time to work on my upcoming site, With You, Today

I am very proud of how it's coming together, and I cannot wait till it is ready to launch!  I will definitely make an announcement when that time comes. Until then, here is another work in progress that coincides with With You, Today. An extension of my future site, it will turn into a platform for subject interviews, favorite things, image outtakes, and inspirationsFeel free to follow me for updates on projects. xo

your friend,


Friday, February 22, 2013


Happy Friday, everyone!

Enjoy this portrait of Ava Gardner, whom I was named after. I don't know if it a blessing or a curse to be named after such an incredible woman.  I don't remember the source of this photo, so I apologize.  If you google young Ava Gardner, you'll be sure to find it and many other amazing shots. 

your friend,


Friday, February 15, 2013

This Month

Y E A R  of  the  S N A K E

I am honored to be part of this rad group exhibition going on at Musee!  Before that, I will be in Chinatown in hopes to catch the parade and photograph all the colorful details!  It should be magical.

your friend,


Thursday, February 14, 2013

Ema Extras

These are some photographs of Ema that I have been meaning to show you all, dear readers and friends.  This was Ema's costume change for her portrait session that she took the time to select before I arrived at her cozy Echo Park apartment.  I love these images so much, but I felt that they didn't flow with the others.  I think they stand on their own, as their own series of images.  A narrative for that beautifully cloudy day. 

{click on the images for a larger view}

© Ava Alamshah  

your friend,


Monday, February 11, 2013

Annie Hall

In my last entry, I wrote a bit about relationships.  One of my favorite films about relationships..... truly, one of my favorite films, period, is Woody Allen's Annie Hall.  I was happy to be introduced to Allen's comedic brilliance my senior year of high school.  It was in Mr. Zameroski's "film as literature" class.  It was the best class ever.  We watched films, and wrote a page about them.  I was exposed to some of the great classics:  East of Eden, On the Waterfront, Badlands, Run Lola Run, Raging Bull, Annie Hall, Cinema Paradiso, and many others.  We weren't aloud to watch Taxi Driver in class, but Mr. Z recommended that we watch it on our own time!  He was the coolest!!

After Annie Hall, I fell in love with Woody Allen and had to see all his films.  My mother is a New Yorker, and so I think his films spoke naturally to me because of this.  For my mother, his films ring true in a lot of ways. The style, the neurosis, and the mannerisms/expressions.... Manhattan, Hannah & Her Sisters, Love & Death, Sleeper....they are all wonderful, but I always go back to Annie Hall.  I strongly believe that it is his masterpiece.  Diane Keaton was perfect, and he wasn't tainted yet, by that scandal.  Pshhhh..... yeah, you know, it's pretty unforgettable...wikipedia it, if you dare!   

Annie Hall was him at his best.  His golden moment in time.  I am happy to announce that I finally get to see it on the big screen!  Tomorrow, the 11th, it's playing at the silent movie theater on Fairfax.  You can purchase tickets here.