Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Plant Life/Love

I've really grown to love my plants. Last entry, I posted an image of my succulents. They sit happily along the kitchen window. The photo was taken about two weeks ago when I first settled into my apartment. Click here to see. 

My plants seem to be very happy here and there is proof! This past week, I discovered something amazing while watering one of them. 

Look closely....

This little one seems to have grown overnight! It's stem grows longer and longer each day, reaching towards the sunlight. It wants to burst through my screen! I'm not sure how much longer it can grow, but I am in awe.

Moving has been the best thing for this little dude. x

If only I can keep my basil plant alive. It's looking a little sad.

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images ©Ava Alamshah 

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