Tuesday, July 30, 2013


My friend, GC Erenberg, is in the middle of moving to her new home. Not too long ago, I was immersed in that very thing. I was living a bit like a gypsy for a month, in between my parent's houses and feeling less than stellar.  During this period, I decided that I wanted to have new experiences, and try things that I wouldn't have tried years ago.  All this to create a more positive state of mind and to move forward. GC is working on a documentary about a healer named Sharelle Roth, and was asking for volunteers to participate. She had asked me once before, and I put it off, and I'm not sure why at first. Most likely because I was pretty skeptical and was worried I wouldn't commit to her project and become a flaky mcflakerson. 

During this transitional time, I finally bit the bullet and thought, "Why not?".

So I sat with a spiritual energy healer, and looking back on it, I really needed her during my transitional state. She helped me put some things into perspective. You can find some of my thoughts about it here. Just scroll down a little and you will see me, looking relaxed. 

And below, a photograph of my pal, GC.  Shot on the same day I was healed (a little spiritual humor). I see the light now....
well, I see a soft light beside her in this photograph, and I like to think it's a spirit watching over her. Maybe Sam, or maybe Kitties. 

Remember GC? I photographed her for my series. I was ecstatic with how they turned out. Dream shoot, for real. 

images ©Ava Alamshah

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