Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Old Friends/New Adventures

  This past weekend, I embarked on a short journey up north to see old friends, and shoot some portraits for my series.  It was a weekend filled with so much warmth, nostalgia, and RAIN....plenty of rain.  My dear friend, Rio snapped the polaroid above.  I couldn't get over that car sitting in between those hedges, with that house...unreal.  Straight out of a William Eggleston world, or David Lynch's Blue Velvet.  I could have taken hundreds of photos of the scene behind me (I ended up taking maybe five)....

polaroids © Ava Alamshah

  I'm looking forward to sorting out these memories to share with you.  I already miss my friends.

your friend,



  1. That top polaroid looks so legit! Was that 1972?

    1. hahaha! yes, it was actually 1968. time traveler here. shhhh (my secret is out!)


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