Sunday, September 15, 2013

Seattle Bound

So, I embark on a journey through the pacific northwest come Tuesday. I've never thought about visiting Seattle, until Ari moved there and has since talked about how wonderful it is. I wish I had more plaid in my wardrobe. I'd like to channel Bridget Fonda in Singles. I loved her style, and I just saw that that film came out in 1992 (I was ten). Now it seems like a 90s parody, with it's capitalization of the grunge music scene, Mtv era...casting Pearl Jam, and Matt Dylan's hair...GAH...90s!  People tell me that I am going there at a really sweet time (80 degrees, slim chance of rain), so I won't need plaid, but I am bringing a fuzzy sweater.  

I'll be taking the Coastal Starlight all the way up. I believe it's about 32 hours on the train. I won't have wifi, but plenty of time to explore. I cannot wait to photograph the epic scenery. Bringing my twin lens in the photo below.

I've been packing here and there. I am the worst packer and always take way too much. I need to really scale it down and don't know how. I only want to bring two bags. One containing all my toiletries & clothes, and another containing my wardrobe. 

I already got rid of the white button down, maybe I should lose the shorts, too. Not leaving behind the fuzzy sweater, though! 

I still need to fit two novels. Hollywood Babylon / The Invention of Everything Else (given to me by Gilda). Speaking of Gilda...

©Joanna Williams

P O W E R /// T W I N S

I swear we didn't plan this, guys! It was great to see you, G! 
This was earlier in the afternoon at Casbah Cafe. Had the pleasure of meeting up with G, Joanna, & Stef for a girl's date. It was lovely to finally meet Joanna in person. Stef & Gilda did a great interview with her on A Collection Of, and ever since I've had a girl crush. Her company is inspiring & I've been following her blog off & on, but it wasn't until Claire Cottrell's BOOK CLUB (more on that magic later), where we finally met face to face. Thank you for the photo, Joanna! x 
+ That list of things to do in Portland! 

Check out Joanna's shop <3

Before I finish packing, I wanted to leave you with some things that inspire me here, at home, in Los Angeles. I'm really going to miss my plants. 

...and the details that make my apartment feel like home

all images ©Ava Alamshah (image of Gilda & I, ©Joanna Williams)

Also, that book from Gilda, I had no idea what it was about until I just read the synopsis on Wikipedia. 

"a fictionalized account of the last days in the life of Nikola Tesla, the Serbian-American electrical engineer."


Speaking of Tesla, I leave you with Drunk History. Watch it, it's hilarious AND infuriating. You'll see. 
Also, you're welcome. 

When I write next, I'll be in Seattle! Until then...

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  1. Happy adventures to you!!! Can't wait to hear all about your travels xo

  2. Have a great time in Portaland! Beautiful pictures of your home!!


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