Monday, March 3, 2014

Design Sponge (Kneeland Mercado)

Very happy to announce that my photographs have been featured on Design Sponge!  I had the pleasure of shooting Joanna Williams shop/studio, Kneeland Mercado. You may remember Joanna from my entry about her physical shop's opening night. I can't say enough positive things about Joanna. She is amazing at what she does and exudes creative confidence. I am inspired by her drive and her sense of style. She also has really great taste in music (The Cure / Echo & the Bunnymen played in the background, while I framed my shots -click click click). Also, she is the most generous & nicest of people. 

Thank you, Joanna!

To see more on Joanna's space & more of my photos click here

In the photo above, you may recognize the little black match box? It's from one of my favorite sites, A Collection Of. Created by Stef & Gilda -without them, I wouldn't have known Joanna. Here is an interview they did with Joanna a while back.

Also, notice the Clare Vivier book? Below was a Christmas gift from my mother. That cozy looking rug? From Kneeland Mercado. My favorite thing is to stand on it with my bare feet - so, so soft.

all images © Ava Alamshah

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  1. Such great photographs Ava, congrats! I just love love your little monogrammed book too..


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