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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Nail Party

!  O O G A    B O O G A  !
  Hi friends!  
  Here are the photos I promised to you from this post.  Pretty sweet times at Nail Party 2012!

  Tea at Intelligentsia.  The tea was delicious (and expensive).  Still not sure what all the fuss is about.  I was just happy to be with my friend.


© 2012 Ava Alamshah

your friend,


Friday, December 21, 2012

Ooga Booga/Madeline Poole

  Last night, I got to hang out with my pal Sasha of The Holy Nail.  It was so lovely to see her and get to hang out for realsies.  It is so nice when the stars align, and I really cherish those moments because they only happen every so often.  Being an adult is hard.
  So back to the evening...

  When I saw that Ooga Booga opened up another pop up, and that Madeline Poole was doing nails, I knew Sasha and I would have to be there!  I've always loved having my nails painted and I have such respect and admiration for women who can keep up the classic look 24/7.  I also love that it has become such an art form and yet another way to express yourself.  
  So I guess Madeline Poole is a big deal in the nail scene and I've been kind of out of the loop, but she is very friendly/down to earth person and makes nails look like jewelry.  It's unbelievable what she can do. I cannot wait to show you photos of her handiwork, and of the event.  If I didn't already end up spending a ton of money on mix tapes, a zine, and a gift, I would have picked up the book in that image above.  There was a short reading of it during the festivities, and it sounded really smart and funny.  Stuff about cults, stealing small items, and friendship....SOLD. 

your friend,