Friday, May 10, 2013

Like Home

All images above ©Ava Alamshah

To all my friends, I just wanted to take the time to apologize for my hiatus from the land of blogging. Since my birthday, I've gone through a lot of personal ups and downs. There are some wonderful prospects in the works, and these are all positive things. Finding a new place to live, more friend portraits, and an ambitious project about childhood memories and longing. Looking forward to all these beautiful things. 

The photographs above are from my small series titled, "Like Home". All shot while house sitting at Alex and Britt's former home in Highland Park. I brought along my old 35mm point and shoot that I used a lot while attending CalArts.  It was nice to shoot film again. I absolutely love the fuzzy, dreamy quality. I could never get that with my dslr. This roll has some candid/casual shots while hanging out with Stefani one afternoon. I'll have them up here very soon! Promise.

I use to live in a tiny apartment, very close to my friends. We were neighbors! I had some of the best times of my life, and some of the worst times, but I learned a lot. Housesitting so close to my old place brought back so many memories, and I thought about how life can change in such a short amount of time. It's unreal. Looking forward to what the future may bring. 

your friend,



  1. these are gorgeous, ava! you're making me want to shoot some film like right now :)

    1. let's go on a photo adventure together! <3


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