Monday, June 27, 2011

More Madonna Inn!

  The very regal Madonnas (Check out the accordion to her right!  I would love to find out more about their life story.)  

I wonder if Jane Mansfield ever stayed here? She would have loved these pink booths as much as I did.

Flower Power (this is on the way to the hotel pool)


Sprinkle on some pink sugar & Voila! (I wasn't that impressed with the cake to be honest. It was really hyped up & then when we finally ate it after breakfast, I thought "'s just a vanilla cake with really sugary frosting".  I think I'm just more of a chocolate girl. It certainly looks magical, but my polaroid does not do it justice. Here's a better view from Jeaux's camera. 

"Hey is for Horses, but better for Cows"

MOOOOOooooooo!  (I wanted to get closer, but Jeaux was frightened for my life!) 

Mellow Yellow

If you look closely, that's a lil sea lion peaking out from the ripples! 

Waiting for our fish & chips!

Copyright Ava Alamshah, 2011

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