Sunday, January 1, 2012

2 0 ! 2

Y E A R  of the  D R A G O N

 I hope everyone had a happy and safe celebration.  I was elated when my good friend, Stefani, invited me to her annual New Years Eve soiree.  This particular gathering was really special for me, for it has been a really long time since I have seen my art school friends.  One of my resolutions is to make more art, and I feel inspired already.  It helps when you have creative minds around you.  Speaking of creative minds and feeling inspired, I suggest you take a peak at A Collection Of.  This blog is run by Stefani and our friend, Gilda.  These ladies are super women.  They make jewelry, take breathtaking images, cook interesting dishes, D A N C E  to awesome music, and they always manage to look put together in the process.  Also, their blog features some really rad interviews with all kinds of movers and shakers.  They are sweethearts.  Thanks ladies! 

Alex made this beautiful meringue pie!

 My boyfriend and Britt hovering over the treats.  D E L I C I O U S

Serge being a model as usual.

 Awkward prom photo of the evening courtesy of Alex.  Aren't we cute?  Jeaux always makes this face.

You did it!  Japanese puzzle completed by my man and my pal, Alex Lewin.  They are even flashing the peace symbol like little giddy school girls.

Retro image by our very own hostess, Stefani.  The gold balloon is just the perfect touch!

These last two images by the lovely Gilda.  I'm definitely channeling a 60s vibe here.  

h&m pants
all black lace oxfords
urban outfitters faux fur 
vintage top from my ma

I like shiny things

H A P P Y   N E W   Y E A R  ! ! ! 

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  1. Such a fun night! Happy New Year lady! Sparklers forever!

  2. Jeaux trimmed his beard!


  3. It was so great ringing in the new year with you, Ava! Much love!

  4. Twas a great night! I love you girls!

  5. Daniel,

    Yes! He is rocking a tiny bit of facial hair these days. :)

  6. I really like your pants, such a great burst of color. Here's to more color in 2012!

    1. Yes, Natalie! Thank you.

      I've always loved bright colors and glad I am embracing them more! 2012 is all about color!


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