Monday, March 5, 2012

On Hiatus

To all my friends,

I'm sorry for my absence (from my blog), but rest assured, I will be back in no time. 

Mean while, I hope you enjoy these images. 

your friend,


A friend from work put Shelley Duvall on my mind

Another discovery down the rabbit hole. Really digging on this girl's illustrations. 

Shelley Duvall, some guy, and cotton candy 

The Drums - Money from Tim Heinrich on Vimeo.

My new favorite band, courtesy of my boyfriend.  This song rings true to our situation at the moment.  These guys are dreamy. High school crushing X infinity. 

Gonna go back to this hair

From Lula Mag, Issue 5

I thought this was really cute

English Card Deck 1820

also, thanks to my friend, Ema, for introducing me to the first two sources. 

circus showgirl, 1950

Hello we heart vintage, for the last three images! 



  1. Thanks for all of these images! Shelley Duvalllll - I love her face so much especially with cotton candy!

  2. you are welcome, lady! i really love Shelley Duvall...remember Fairy Tale Theater?! xox


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