Saturday, May 26, 2012

Arts & Sciences

My friend, Brian Baughn, is having a birthday party.  

The theme is all about the battle between artists and scientists (sure, it happens). 

Two pursuits of truth.
Two different kinds of knowledge.
Two halves of the brain.

They have competed, there has been friction– but also mutual support, even harmony. But they've coexisted for too long.

Tonight only one will survive.

Come dressed in support of the arts (as a favorite musician, painter, embalmed shark) or of the sciences (professor, mutant) and fight to obliterate half of human achievement.

Brian,  2012

I'm thinking about going as this eccentric "artist" below. (Which one, you ask?)  I'm absolutely obsessed with her and think everyone should go out and grab a copy of Grey Gardens, stat!  Just glorious. 

Brian is a cool dude.  My friends at ACO did a great interview with him.  Check it out here

Stay tuned for photos from the party!  WHEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeee! 

your friend,



  1. I was wondering how the "costume" was coming along :-)

    Miss Beale's sense of taste could tantalize and fashion pallet & with your unique touch will make for a fun time. Live larger tonight!

    I'm rootin' team never made sense, 2+2 = 77 in my eyes.


    1. Haha! Thanks Tish! I have everything I need already, which is great (easiest costume EVER)!

      She is a fashion inspiration. Thank you for the compliment.

      Team Art all the way!


  2. You looked sooooo awesome! The party was so much fun! ART forever!

    1. Thanks Stef!!! Your costume was so RAD and smart!! The photos from that night came out so good and they are super weird and pretty with all that GOLD. Cannot wait to show you!

      ART forever! I still have my gold metal! Woot woot.



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