Saturday, May 19, 2012

Bon Voyage

T H E   Q U E E N   M A R Y

  This recent LA weather has spoiled me rotten and I can't help being stoked on beach days, picnics in the park, and one of my all time favorite destinations, The RMS Queen Mary.  I have really fond memories of when my parents would take me there as a kid.  We would stroll around the ship and I would pretend that it was about to set sail.  I grew up on classic films and would recognize some of the Hollywood actors/actresses in the various photos displayed on the ship.  Ohhhh...Clark Gable!  Total dreamboat (doing a good job at keeping up with the nautical theme, yeah?)  For those of you who don't know too much about this luxury liner, she's been retired since 1967 and permanently rests at the port of Long Beach. The history of the ship is really fascinating. Check out some details here

For the record, it is haunted!  I swear!! 

I had a small incident with a ghost trying to use the soap dispenser in the ladies restroom.  True story. 

blue suede shoes and polka dots!

  Jeaux and I stayed on the ocean liner for my extended 30th birthday celebration.  You only turn 30 once, so I recommend celebrating in style, no less.  Also, try to drag it on as long as possible!  


  Our room was the best!  Those curtains!  That fan!!  It was no longer in working condition, but it was really pretty to look at.  Everything was very 40s, and so wonderful.  The bathtub had only fresh water, but back in the day, there were two more options.  Hot salt and cold salt!  How luxurious it must have felt, to get rid of all that dead skin.  Just like a long day at the beach, sans sand. 

  Jeaux surprised me with reservations to the ship's five star restaurant, Sir Winston's.  We snapped the photos above on the way there.  I'm no food blogger, but the meal was THE BEST.  I had the rack of lamb.  Jeaux had the beef wellington.  To start, an appetizer of scallops wrapped in bacon.  On the side, fresh bread with butter.  The butter was almost too pretty to eat (garnished with fresh parsley and sea salt crystals).  To "clean our pallet", they brought out some watermelon, or raspberry sorbet (don't remember which fruit, but it was delicious).  Then, chocolate souffle, AND a slice of chocolate mousse cake for my birthday!!

  Just's ridiculous. 

  We thought that was it, but no, they had to come out with dark chocolate covered strawberries because frankly, the two previous desserts weren't enough. 

  After that, we sat at the lounge for a bit and Jeaux got to experience his ghost tale in the men's restroom (what is it with ghosts in restrooms?)  Seriously, I'm not kidding.  Haunted.

  I hope that everyone gets a chance to stay on the ship at least once. 

  P U R E   M A G I C !
ah, the golden hour

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  1. dude! the colors in your images! hot salt water - i wish! you both look beautiful and full of love! xo to you both

  2. this sounds and looks like such a wonderful trip, Ava! I've never been to the Queen Mary but now it's on my to-go list. I love your blue suede shoes! So cute.

  3. Happy Birthday Ava! I love the Queen Mary, I stayed on it once as a teen. So fun, Beautiful pictures!

  4. Aw man, you ladies are so wonderful!

    Stef, I know..I was really happy with how the colors turned out! BLUE!
    hot salt water (such a dream!) Thank you and love to both you and Serge. xx

    Gilda! YES! You must go to this wonderful place! Check out the Long Beach Aquarium while you are at it. xo

    Thank you! Isn't it so, so fun?! An era gone by.


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