Tuesday, July 3, 2012


  Great summer wardrobe. Cannot go wrong with a simple chambray button down and white slacks.  And that kitty!

 Lately, I've been on Brando kick.  My bf saw "On the Waterfront" for the first time.  He liked it, a lot. 

 I'm currently on the hunt for the perfect denim jacket.  This shrunken one on Debbie is so rad. She pulled off denim on denim. She could have worn a potato sack and still look effortlessly gorgeous. 

Traci Lords!


WWII beauties.  The coolest women ever. 

  I want to read the book she was reading.  "How to develop your Thinking Ability"

  Recently, I met a man who told me he is a denim designer.  I thought, how cool it must be to have such a creative job, especially in denim.  People wear jeans most everyday of their lives, like a second skin to some.  He told me that he considered many times, after shopping at the same store for ten years, that he would love to work for Trader Joes.  

 "It seems like such a fun place to work", he says.

  It can be, but when one has a Bachelors in Fine Arts, it can feel a bit too "normal" at times.  It is lovely when you meet a perfect stranger who puts things into perspective.  People are never happy with what they have.  I think we are constantly at odds with ourselves and the choices we make, or do not make.  I know that sometimes, all I need is a good pair of jeans to keep me satisfied.  That, and my day dreams.  

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  1. DENIM rules forever.
    I once knew someone who worked for some denim company that has escaped me and part of his job was taking a safety pin and creating the worn look - thread by thread.

    Sometimes it is so hard to be happy with what you have and who you are. On my list of reading is How We Decide by Jonah Lehrer.

    1. The worn look is hilarious to me, but sounds meticulous. People should just wear their jeans out, right? Although, I feel like I'm too old for ripped jeans.

      I'd like to borrow that book from you when you are finished reading it. Sounds like the inspiration I need.

      Love you, Stef.


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