Monday, July 2, 2012

p e o n i e s

this was taken with my cellphone, sorry polaroid 

pe·o·ny  (p-n)
n. pl. pe·o·nies
Any of various garden plants of the genus Paeonia, having large, variously colored flowers with numerous stamens and several pistils.

It saddens me that they are no longer in season (late spring).  These beauties made my room smell so sweet.  Waking up to them was a magical experience. 

Peonies are mentioned on the Madewell blog here

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  1. Beautiful pic Ava!! Hope you have a great 4th holiday!!

    1. Thank you, Angie! I hope you have a great 4th, too! I happen to have the day off, so I'm thinking about seeing Moonrise Kingdom with my bf.

      Maybe catch some fireworks afterwards! We need to hang out again and have a sewing party. :)


  2. Did you like Moonrise Kingdom? I did!

    Peonies are so gorgeous. oh man.

  3. Aren't they the most beautiful?! Ugh, I miss having them.

    I LOVED Moonrise. So sweet, sexy, innocent at the same time. Youth and all it's glory. First loves...sigh.


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