Saturday, November 3, 2012

Halloween Tour, 2012

  Remember when I wrote how I couldn't wait to tell you about our plans for actual Halloween (which fell on a Wednesday)?  Well, this is what we ended up doing!  Above, Jeaux is wearing his fancy diy Halloween tee.  This is before we went on our walk down Meridian, so we could see the old Myer's house.  Still looking ominous, even with the blue paint and red trimmings.

  The film's location is set in the fictitious Haddonfield, Illinois.  It was cool to find out that all the filming was done in the beautiful South Pasadena and Hollywood.  Nerding out!


  Below, are the stairs inside the Myer's house.  It's a chiropractic office now, and we weren't really suppose to go inside, but....

  The door creaked as I let myself in.  Gave me the chilly willies.  The building is a historical landmark, along with the hardware store, which use to be a hotel.  Jeaux also talks about our day here.

The hardware store, once an old hotel (now a restaurant)
A walk down Meridian Ave.  The trees are amazing there.  It doesn't feel like Los Angeles.
These tracks were right by the old Myer's house and the hardware store, in South Pasadena.

  I stopped to capture this rose.  Very American Beauty.

Vintage amber reminds me of fall.

  Finding the hedge was probably my favorite part of our adventure.  Who is that creep and why is he just standing there?

  The last three photos is where all this took place.  You can see why I am so scared!

  We are so fascinated by this low budget, independent film, and how everyone who made it were so young at the time, including John Carpenter.  After our tour, we ended up watching it twice.  The second time with commentary.  Happy Halloween!

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