Thursday, December 8, 2011

Hibernation Part !!

Being sick also gives me a lot of time to waste time on the internet.  Check out some raddd photos I found of my favorite fashion icons.  Google images is ridiculously addictive! 

I don't like to promote guns, but Angelica looks fierce! 

Oh, the colors...sigh.  I'm sorry, but she was hands down the most stylish first lady.

I watched a bit of Vertigo last night and I want to look like Kim Novak.  Which version, you ask?  Probably Jimmy Stewart's fantasy with the icy blond locks, but in reality it may be less of a challenge to achieve the look of brunette Kim (no dying my hair). Either way, she's gorgeous.  Watching the trailer again, I just have to say that Vertigo is my absolute favorite Hitchcock film, even more than Psycho, more than Rear Window (let's face it, they are all good).  Maybe it's the wardrobe design by Edith Head, or that amazing Bernard Herrmann score. I love, LOVE the opening titles designed by Saul Bass.  Listen to this guy.  He seems to know a thing or two about film. 

It was also filmed all over San Francisco, which is a city close to my heart due to some dear friends that live there. 

Great trick photography back then! 

That coat! Those gloves! Perfection. 

 More Angelica...I'm obsessed. 
Great look for the next Spring/Summer.  Totally copying.


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  1. I love the Kim Novak pictures, especially the blonde and the brunette with James Stewart!

    Such an incredible, iconic beauty, thanks for sharing these Eva.

    1. You are very welcome, Paul! Thanks for visiting. :)

      ps: I tried to check out your blog, but for some reason the screen came out blank. Is it under construction?

      Take care,



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